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What Is SportsTXT?

Being a sports fan is not just about watching games. SportsTXT is an online platform designed to deliver the ultimate sports fan experience. Engage with other fans, get insider facts about your favorite teams, and so much more.
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How It Works

SportsTXT is a fully customizable community platform that connects directly with members and fans in real-time giving them a true sense of belonging.
It provides sports clubs and teams with a unique opportunity to create more personalized experiences and open up new revenue streams. You’ll be able to capture valuable data and tailor content to specific member segments.

The Platform of Firsts

Members First

It's time to elevate your fan engagement beyond just using social media and SportsTXT brings your members straight into the heart of your club through exclusive stories, new experiences, games and unique offers.

Safety First

SportsTXT offers 24/7 protection for sports clubs with real-time monitoring and content analysis powered by a combination of human expertise and AI technology. With SportsTXT, clubs can be confident in the quality and safety of their reputation and all user-generated content.

Data First

Contrary to social media, you have full ownership of your data. Your personal dashboard collects and analyzes important insights about members' usage of the platform, demographics and other data to help you make better business decisions.

Value First

By making a few small tweaks in the way you present your content, you will be amazed at how it can significantly boost your profits. You have the opportunity to set your content prices based on your own judgment and enhance its worth with the support of sponsors.

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